white hippies rocking out

they closed off shattuck between virginia and vine today to hold something called the spice of life festival. since it was only a few blocks down the street from my apartment, me and aaron decided to check it out. he wanted hot sauce and i wanted to find the meaning of life.

there was a petting zoo with rabbits…

and a freaky chicken looking thing with no head and one leg…

and guinea pigs…

and ponies.

there was this guy in blue trying to hit on the ladies. i don’t think he was successful.

i wanted to buy this monkey mask but it was like $60…

did you just say “big meat”?

some good ol’ whatever you call it.

pictures that i didn’t get:
the freaky puppet show
lesbians kissing
rose flavored jam
white people dancing to jazz
the lady on stilts in a huge fish costume
the freaky baby doll thing melded together with a whole lot of other crap that i can’t really describe but it sure was weird


2 Responses to white hippies rocking out

  1. kevin says:

    fuck, i need to get out more. i love weird festival things. tell me next there’s one. 😡

  2. doug says:

    wtf is that chicken thing?

    allow me to clarify.


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