my condolences to the cubs and cubs fans. i know tony is pissed off and sad. everyone should be. 58 years without winning a pennant is fucking torture. it was supposed to be cubs vs. red sox, battle of baseball’s greatest underdogs. but no, the cosmos had other plans in mind. don’t blame that steve bartman for trying to catch the foul ball in game six. he has a good heart and just wanted a souvenir but unfortunately he’s going to be lynched and will have to move to florida. if the yankees win today, i’m going to sink my teeth into the first yankees fan i meet and rip a good size chunk for the cubs and the red sox. that being said…



2 Responses to :-(

  1. doug says:

    sucks about the sox.

  2. NemoD says:

    well i’ll go back to not caring about baseball now

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