q & a

how often do you think about…

the future?
the past?


3 Responses to q & a

  1. NemoD says:

    love: if by love you mean lust, then about every 10 seconds

    loneliness: not as much as i used too, besides i enjoy the peace and quiet sometimes.

    god: seeing as i pray to him 5 times a day, i’d say a lot

    religion: see god

    the future: i’m constantly living in the future

    the past: i try not to think about the past

    death: bring it on

    life: i’m happy. life is good.

  2. Doug says:

    love: once or twice a day.

    loneliness: same.

    god: once every 3 to 5 days.

    religion: same as above.

    future: once an hour or so, in the sense of “shit, that’s due tomorrow.” once a day in the more broad sense.

    past: all the time in the sense of bringing up amusing anecdotes around others.

    death: almost never. once a week at best.

    life: even less than the above. i take that shit for granted most of the time.

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