dear mr. bike,

there was a party last night.

it was far away.

people were supposed to wear hats.

i wore my robot hat. jon turned into a cow.

but no one else was wearing hats. so i said fuck you!

people were drinking out of humongous dixie cups. HUGE.

some people got their game on. i did not.

instead, i discussed reality tv, the merits of queer guys, excitement over bubba ho-tep, and why my robot hat is a robot and not a freaking computer.

all while sitting down.

there were 5 people in the backseat. i hoped to god that we wouldn’t pull up to some cops. i’m glad aaron was daredevil.

instead, someone just vomited. but it was alright, it didn’t get on the seat.

we crashed while watching family guy.

i really want to try carne asada fries.

mr. furley


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