whenever people hear about someone quitting their job, especially nowadays, they ask “why’d you do that? don’t you know the economy sucks? what are you going to do now?”

but me, i smile. i’m happy for them. doug just quit coffee bean because it was evil and they sent him a 401k and that just ain’t cool. so he’s thinking about bartending so rock on. sheena’s leaving papyrus because it was shitty and people sucked so now she’s going to clean rooms and rock out. (david sedaris used to clean apartments and look at him now). kevin is probably going to quit his job at clark kerr because it’s fucking far away and that ain’t cool. bunnie is going to italy and saying goodbye to her dreary secretary job to probably be her sexpot self in a foreign country.

rock on.


One Response to signs

  1. doug says:

    word, man! word!

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