damn you

after having gotten something over the weekend (102.8 fever!), i’m not too happy to start the school year. again. since it means more people around campus, buying books (money that i could spend on more useful things like booze and drugs), classes, and other shit. the only thing that makes me happy is this picture. and sexual favors.

her name is mika motosugi.


11 Responses to damn you

  1. patrick says:

    i visit that thread often

  2. doug says:

    wow man. 102.8

    hope you’re feeling better, man.

  3. doug says:

    here’s something to cheer you up. if you’re ever in the market for a british girl, the Sun’s Page 3 is infamous for its ability to spot the naturals in a sea of silicone.

    not all are cute. but some are, and all are as real as they come.

    oh. not work safe.


  4. NemoD says:

    speaking of that rush thread, am i the only one who wonders why many of the asian girls have long pubic hair? is that the style over there? cause personally i’m more biased towards the short landing strip or a completely bare hairstyle. but that’s just me thinking outloud.

  5. doug says:

    i like the landing strip myself, though completely bare doesn’t really do anything for me (how do you play ball with no grass on the field?)


    that being said.

    i think that when it comes to hygeine and general maintenance, the whitegirls have one-up on the asians. it’s a cultural thing. kind of like, i found out a lot of black people use a washrag when they shower, but me? nothing but myself and the bar of soap. most white people i know don’t use a rag, either, but the blackies, they dig that shit.

  6. nancy says:

    i beg to differ

  7. doug says:

    oh. except for you, Nancy.

    i’d bet you’re super trimmed and proper.

  8. doug says:

    oh. hi aaron. you read this blog too, eh?

  9. nancy says:

    besides what does long pubic hair have to do with personal hygiene?

  10. NemoD says:

    well unless you wash, condition, and perm it daily, it will probably be more messy than a short do.

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