no power? grab a snickers

the power’s out and i’m stuck

21 power stations went down in 3 minutes on the eastern seaboard. 50 million without electricity and thus no cell phones, tv, internet, subways, and everything technological. you’d think there’d be complete and utter chaos. looting, violence, burning cars, and good ol’ fashioned fucked up shit that usually happens after the lakers win the championship.

yet nothing really happened. just confused people trying to get home, calmly and quietly. people HELPING each other out. 3 robberies in brooklyn and 1 in queens. hell, that’s probably less than the number of crimes on a typical night.

so who’s to blame? some say canada. of course, we blame canadians for all sorts of shit. like celine dion. god i hate celine dion.

good thing it wasn’t terrorists. but what if it was? there are 3 major power grids in the US, one each for the east coast, west coast, and texas. why the fuck does texas have their own major power grid? fuckers. take out the hoover dam and there goes vegas, southern california, arizona, and whatever.

people in LA would have rioted. they like riots. FUCK SHIT UP.


2 Responses to no power? grab a snickers

  1. kevin says:

    good observation

  2. Nancy says:

    i like celine

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