i vant to suck your blood

went to the gilroy garlic festival today where 15,000 people come each year to bake in the hot sun and enjoy all things garlic like…garlic ice cream and bbq garlic rattlesnake. the highlight of the day was taking a picture with mr. garlic. the dude’s sporting a huge garlic costume! where can i get one of these?

i think it’d be really fun to go around the garlic festival next year dressed up as a vampire. i’d walk around all apprehensive and ask every food vendor “does it have garlic in it?” then i’d meet mr. garlic and act like i had met my arch-enemy. sweet.

aaron, fred, mr. garlic, me, and dlau. i think mr. garlic was touching my ass.

One Response to i vant to suck your blood

  1. harold says:

    for a moment there, i thought he was sporting a massive gut..

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