while in the shower this morning, this popped into my head:

middle school. lunchtime. sitting on the steps in the quad. gage. 8th grade? i think. me and doug got into a conversation about girls. i think he said something to the effect of “sure patrick, there’s got to be a chick who’d go out with you. i bet karin would go out with you.” we walk over to karin. doug asks karin “hey, would you go out with patrick?” she says “no.” didn’t really give a shit at the time.

what seemed like soon after that, doug started going out with karin. it lasted for a while actually. funny how that happens.


4 Responses to longview

  1. doug says:

    you know, i’m glad you didn’t go out with karin. that would’ve been weird. karin was fantastic, and that would’ve sucked to have missed out on that.

    it still astounds me that chicks aren’t all over you, though, man. i’m constantly boggled by the thought.

  2. sheena says:

    karin was a piece of shit who doug costantly rhapsodized about to me. eff karin, that dumb bimbo with the annoyingly high pitched voice.

  3. doug says:

    FUCK YOU, SHEENA, she was fantastic.

  4. Li says:

    Whoa, drama

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