strange and beautiful

1. a fat spider crawled up the window next to me while driving to fuddruckers. i freaked out. luckily it was outside. next day, i’m walking with dlau to work and i walk into a dangling spiderweb — with the spider attached. i freaked out. next day, i see a decent sized spiderweb with the spider in the back of the apartment. decided i needed to take a few pictures of it. i spent a good half hour just looking at it. think i’ve made my peace with spiders.

2. i watched a plane write out something in the sky for i stood in the middle of the sidewalk for a good ten minutes looking like a fool wondering where i could get some insta-cloud.

3. the campanile has no hands, thus reinforcing how i’ve been feeling about these summer days.

4. a bum made an outline of a dog on the sidewalk using pennies. i wonder if he takes requests.

really need to carry my camera around more often.

2 Responses to strange and beautiful

  1. Yum says:

    Whoa…you were living No Doubt’s “walking in a spider web”. But more importantly, was the spider radioactive by chance. Dependant of what part of your body is tingling, you might either start knitting yourself a costume or go take a shower.

  2. doug says:

    wow, man, that’s awesome.

    eProps to you.

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