battle royale

just finished watching this japanese movie called “battle royale.” harold told me about it once but the only thing i could remember was that he said it was really fucked up. AND IT WAS! like lord of the flies on crack. those crazy japs.

premise? stick a bunch of 9th graders on an island, give them weapons, and the only way off is to be the last one alive. also found out the sequel is coming out this summer.

random tangent. friendster is whack. it’s scary. and import models have too many friends.


2 Responses to battle royale

  1. doug says:

    i love that movie.

    it is so good.

    beat takashi rules!


    if you think Battle Royale is fucked up. you need to watch “Audition.”

  2. nancy says:

    check out his other movie “brother” too

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