blonde redhead

i went to see blonde redhead with buffalo daughter at the fillmore. i hadn’t heard much of either of their stuff, only a few blonde redhead songs and that one Air song where buffalo daughter does the vocals. but i needed to get my concert fix. my megatron shirt and shorts didn’t fit well with the many hipsters but fuck them.

buffalo daughter was good. they didn’t say much but they got their rock on. not too shabby.

the japanese chick in blonde redhead looked really tired. bags under her eyes and everything. couldn’t really understand her but that didn’t matter. her voice reminded me of bjork’s when she does that wailing thing. really enjoyed the long jams. those rocked. jon said that they didn’t play that many songs in san diego so i was surprised how many freaking encores they did. must have been all the cheering hipsters.

while at the jack-in-the-box drive thru, some black guy picked a flower and gave it to jon. said he was the flower man. he then washed jon’s windshield and spoke a little bit of chinese. even asked us who farted. weird shit always around jon.


2 Responses to blonde redhead

  1. Yum says:

    Thats hilarious, I wore my baggy shorts and an oversize hoodie. We were fashion anarchist twins at the same show at different cities.

  2. Yum says:

    Thats hilarious. I wore my baggy shorts and oversized hoodie to that show in l.a. We were fashion anarchist at the same show in different cities. But seriously, wheres the fruits pictures?

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