today i:

did a few loads of laundry. i left a load behind in the dryer and when i came back, it was folded. i guess my landlord likes to fold laundry.

i went to a k-mart in pinole. i felt like i didn’t belong. me, aaron, and nancy bought bowling shoes. we went bowling. in game 2, we both bowled over 100. by the end of the summer, i hope to bowl 100000. right now, i need to work on my approach.

ate at long john silvers. fried seafood makes up a very large chunk of my childhood. my mom’s food was better than theirs. oh well, they’re going to go out of business.

bought a squishie at 7-11. haven’t been to 7-11 in years. mango + strawberry. yum.

flying vs. invisibility? i’d take flying.

2 Responses to vrilly

  1. Yum says:

    Whats a squishie? Like a slurpee?

  2. patrick says:

    hah. i meant a slurpee. must have been high.

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