what’s been strange about these last few days is that i’ve been eating REALLY well. my body might go into withdrawl tomorrow when i return to a normal college student’s diet. here’s what i’ve been eating:

thurs – dinner with adeline. big barney’s burger (1/2lb burger) with spicy curly fries. then frozen yogurt afterwards. relatives also came by and gave me fresh vegetables and other stuff. too bad i won’t get a chance to cook it anytime soon.

fri – kim’s graduation reception and dinner. they had these really good sandwiches at the reception. i think aaron ate like…nine of them? i forget, he just stuffed himself silly with them. i had quite a few myself. but the good stuff was dinner at the bay fung tong restaurant in chinatown. oh man, that was a lot of food. crab, sweet and sour pork, clams, shrimp, fried fish, and other stuff i can’t remember. reminds me of why my parents drive out to rowland heights all the time.

sat – cheeseboard pizza. roasted bell peppers, garlic, feta cheese, olives, etc. i can’t stress enough how damn good their pizza is. for dinner, we ate at dara’s, this thai/lao restaurant which is next door to cha’am’s, ANOTHER thai restaurant. i don’t know why it’s like that. their pla rad prik (thai fish in chili) was really good. spicy but not too spicy. excellent flavors.

sun – went to tahoe with aaron’s family and nancy. stuffed ourselves silly at this seafood buffet. i went crazy on the sushi. i don’t think i’ve ever had salmon sashimi before or this weird tuna sushi where the outside was cooked but the inside was raw. i’ve had plenty of fried seafood in the first 12 years of my life so i decided against that. same with the mediocre chinese stir fry. couldn’t resist the prime rib. and sheeit, give me shrimp cocktail and lobster tails and i’ll stop complaining about the gluttony of america that resides in nevada’s casinos. mmmmm….cheesecake.

mon – jenn and felix invited me, aaron, and nancy to a memorial day barbecue. had my share of burgers, chicken, and other animal products. aaron’s trying to swear off red meat. i say “BRING IT ON!” otherwise, you’re just eating the lettuce that jenn feeds her guinea pigs. i think i know why krispy kreme donuts are so good. they put crack in them. i’m serious. honest to goodness crack.

as a result of eating so well, i’ve probably gained a few pounds and i’ve been having some really good bowel movements. big, brown and smooth. ooh yeah, it’s all about the bowel movements.


4 Responses to food

  1. Kevin says:

    was the seafood buffet called todai? or something like that

    cause todai is freaking awesome.

  2. patrick says:

    it was called the pacific seafood buffet or something. it was inside harvey’s. i’ve been to todai before though. good stuff. though i’ve been told there’s even better places.

  3. Yum says:

    Waitaminute patrick. Where do your parents live…i always thought your nuclear family was up north.

  4. patrick says:

    my family lives in riverside. they always trek out to rowland heights, monterey park, etc. i’m just the odd man out who decided to live up north.

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