random… my dad called me


my dad called me to say that the power supply on his computer died so he had to pay some guy to install a new one. i don’t know why he called me. i should call my parents more. especially my mom. i think i’ll do that.

haven’t been sleeping very well recently. jet lag? daylight savings time? the cold i had? worrying about the future? that damn bird who keeps chirping at 4am? probably all of the above. but everytime i wake up in the middle of the night, i’m thinking “what am i going to do?” then i toss and turn until the sun shines bright.

i thought about going to grad school. then i read this career center webpage “Are you prepared to spend the majority of the next 2-7 years studying while living in near poverty?” i answered no. guess that tells you what i think about grad school. i want to leave but not.

a friend told me how she wanted to go somewhere to where no one knows her and start over. that sounds appealing right about now.

classes are boring. i keep thinking “what’s the point?” whatever happened to that sense of wonder you got in kindergarten when you learned that mixing blue and yellow paint made green? i can’t remember the last time i said “WOW!”

you should listen to the new “cat power” album.

i learned that you should never sleep on your stomach. it’s bad for your internal organs. how about that?

i want to go to alaska or iceland for a month in the summer to see what constant daylight feels like. it must rock to drink in a bar at 2am with tons of light outside.

i read that you shouldn’t watch tv or read before you go to sleep. it leads to an overstimulated mind. so i guess i’ll just stare into the dark then.

did you see that?


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