so i’m up at 7:40am.

so i’m up at 7:40am. dunno why. i’m a bit under the weather (no fever though so i don’t have SARS…yet) so nyquil/dayquil does funny things to me. fun. anyway, i remember seeing this GREAT fruit pic in hong kong. it was advertising a VITAMIN C BRA. i still have no idea how those two are related. i went to the url listed on the ad – that didn’t help me much since everything’s in chinese and the only thing in english is “VITAMIN C BRA.” thanks wacoal. a search of “wacoal” on google led to japanese sites. oh fun. but hey, they’re sites of asian chicks in bras. neat!

lemons rule

BONUS: How to Wear a Bra in 15 Steps – for those who need the support.


3 Responses to so i’m up at 7:40am.

  1. kevin says:

    you are seriously obsessed.

  2. jon says:

    i have had sexual relations with your wife or significant other.

  3. Yum says:

    Welcome patrick…I don’t know what i miss more, your entries or your fruit pics. Stupid comment – your fruit pics.

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