since i just came back

since i just came back from a trip to hong kong and china, it would make sense that i write a huge blog entry about it. but i’m not. after being surrounded by tons of people for a week, i’m feeling quite anti-social. more than usual. or maybe it’s just me being paranoid about mysterious germs. whatever works.


3 Responses to since i just came back

  1. Yum says:

    welcome back man. Did you walk around with a surgical mask?

  2. Li says:

    I demand pictures

  3. patrick says:

    li: they will come.yum: yeah, mostly in the subway. i thought it was silly at first since when i arrived in hong kong, only 1 in 30 people were wearing one. but when i left, every other person was wearing one. they’re having kittens over there.

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