in high school, i used

in high school, i used to run the limit on the number of people i could have on my buddy list, which was a hundred back then but it’s probably more like a million now. but how many of those people did i actually talk to on a regular basis? fifteen at most? but i kept people on my list because maybe i’d need to talk to this one person or have more profiles and away messages to check. there was no real point to it except that i COULD do it. too often, people do things not because they need to but because they can. example: “oh hey, buy one get one free. i don’t need more eggs but hell, perhaps i’ll need more.” result: a pack of rotting eggs.

how big is my list now? 34 people. what’s the point of keeping people on your list who never talk to you and you never talk to? just to read their inane profiles that mentioned some stupid story that isn’t funny? “LOL! hahaha! i have the funniest story!” yeah, die. it’s perverse to have people on your list that you never talk to just so that you can read their profiles.

i feel so much better now. it was so easy. delete. delete. delete. if you want to be on my buddy list, IM me bitches.


One Response to in high school, i used

  1. doug says:

    i currently have exactly 200, almost all of which i don’t communicate with anymore. of the 200, i talk to approximately 7 regularly.then there’s another 10-20 or so that i talk to occasionally.but people aren’t like eggs. rotting eggs you can’t fix, you have to throw them out.but connections, relationships you can fix, repair, re-establish.the other day it was the Ides of March and i thought “isn’t it somebody’s birthday?” and then i realized it was ashley robinson’s, an ex-girlfriend from high school. so i sent her an e-mail saying “hey ashley. happy birthday. doug.” and she e-mailed back saying she would be in San Diego and we ought to go out, and we did, and it was nice.probably won’t talk to her again for another year or so. but it was still nice.

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