harold (to me): sheena: lol,

harold (to me):
sheena: lol, harold, you are the funniest.
sheena: man, you are so funny I want to give you a blowmanicure RIGHT NOW.
harold: thank you!
sheena: lol.
sheena: NO PROBLEM.
harold: for real?
harold: cool!
sheena: lol. if you can get up here in ten minutes, sure.
sheena: but if not, too bad.
harold: damn that stupid kryptonite
harold: can you hold that thought until the summer?
sheena: lol.
sheena: poor harold.
sheena: no, ‘fraid not.
sheena: I will be too busy givin’ it to somebody else, I’m afraid.
harold: what if i called it ‘blowdisneyland’?
harold: you slut!
sheena: hehehehe.

fireloong: as if you believe her
harold: bitch led me on


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