drove by the elementary school

drove by the elementary school near my house one time. doug asked “how old do you think that girl is?” i don’t remember replying but school had just gotten out.

i am known around berkeley for having gotten a jaywalking ticket. yes, a fucking jaywalking ticket.

i once sat across from karin at the post office (karin ‘i don’t know how to spell her last name but doug dated her back in the day’) but didn’t know it was her. i hadn’t seen her in years.

me and ed went to taco bell one time out of boredom. i was working on some math problem for ib higher math. i had ordered a taco. after like 5 people got their orders, i asked about mine. they had forgotten.

i dropped an issue of gear magazine behind someone’s bed in the dorms. i wonder if it’s still there.

i wonder what happened to that girl who played vicki the robot from ‘small wonder.’ i hope she didn’t turn out fucked up. because that’s what happens to child stars. i could imagine her in a seed bar in reno yelling in a very drunk voice “do you know who i am??! yeah! i was vicki the robot from small wonder!” then there would be silence.

i like big butts and i cannot lie.


One Response to drove by the elementary school

  1. doug says:

    recapping?1. you replied “SCHOOL JUST GOT OUT! SHE’S LIKE, 11!”2. yep.3. neumann. her last name was neumann. i just talked to her a couple days ago, she’s in france.4. people forgetting your order isn’t uncommon. i forget people’s orders at the coffee bean all the time. once every few hundred drinks you make.7. tiffany michelle brissette holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Westmont College and as of 2000, worked as a youth counselor at solana beach presbyterian church in san diego. she may have moved to colorado. i could probably go to solana beach presbyterian and check if you really want to know.

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