when you’re in midterm hell,

when you’re in midterm hell, you lose touch with reality. you start eating all crappy, sleep very little, and have no idea what is going on with the rest of the world. so i was a tad disturbed yesterday morning when i was woken up by protesters marching down shattuck avenue. then they decided to test the warning sirens on campus at noon. they have a very “OH SHIT! IT’S THE APOCALYPSE! WE’RE GOING TO DIE IN MINUTES!” feel to them. and then there were more protesters who made it impossible for me to hear the last half of my linguistics lecture. as if it mattered, i was falling asleep anyway.

then i read this morning that the mall dropped the trespassing charges against the man and his son to remove their “PEACE ON EARTH” and “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE” t-shirts because it was anti-war. at first, i thought “oh goodie, they dropped the charges.” seconds later, “HOW DID FUCKED UP SHIT LIKE THIS HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE!?” when did peace become a “bad” thing? when did our values become empty?

when did America turn upside down?


One Response to when you’re in midterm hell,

  1. doug says:

    November, 2000.

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