6 Responses to RUN NAKED

  1. NemoD says:

    i think if you wait long enough “run naked” will be a new fashion trend in japan … have you seen those skirts with panties printed on them so that they look like they are see through? those crazy japanese … i think i could fit in there.

  2. harold says:

    it’s photoshop.

  3. NemoD says:

    after further review its seems you’re correct. now i’m off to beat the living shit out of the girl who showed me the pictures cause she lied to me.

  4. Yum says:

    Patrick, thanks for giving me the 411 on that asian model thingie. I went and the girls weren’t charging for taking their photos (they did that glamorcon). Dayam, should have found out which models you liked.

  5. patrick says:

    bill rules. yes. doesn’t matter about the models anyway since they’re practically clones of each other.

  6. harold says:

    neama…at least remember to beat her with kindness…in mr. rogers’ memory.

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