are they implying that

are they implying that kimberly is fast and easy? like a whore? should i be aiming for whorishly fast speeds? too bad, she’s too attractive to be a whore.


7 Responses to are they implying that

  1. NemoD says:

    dude i just saw that on yahoo and when i came to your page i was like “holy shit the ad is stalking me” … silly me, i’ve been drinking too much

  2. doug says:

    maybe they have a series of ads like “internet at the speed of robert” etc. just random people, and the idea is that it’s internet as fast as you want to go, not at the limitations of the provider.or how about:kimberly is a x-games speed snowboarder that nobody’s heard of except snowboarders and yahoo’s trying to be hip?these are my two theories. they shall hereby be referred to as a) and b), respectively.

  3. harold says:

    or a) kimberly is a whoreb) kimberly is a slutc) kimberly is a strumpet

  4. Nancy says:

    harold you make me laugh

  5. Li says:

    there’s no such thing as too attractive to be a whore.

  6. Yum says:

    I like kimberly (raising hand meekily)

  7. Yum says:

    Whores are ok…but you knew that.

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