last week, i was walking

last week, i was walking by the clothing section at the student store when one of the employees looked at me and yelped “hey john! oh wait, that’s not john.” i looked back and she looked away in embarassment. now i’m thinking “do i really look like that many people? how many times have i been mistaken for someone else?” then i remember all those times people at my work have said “oh, hi (insert random name) and i say ‘my name’s patrick.’ ” i also get a lot of “oh, you look so much like (insert random name)!” yeah, thanks.

now all i can really hope for is to be reincarnated as a rodeo monkey.

2 Responses to last week, i was walking

  1. doug says:

    you’re asian. it happens.

  2. Li says:

    at least you got a big cock

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