so i had this really

so i had this really whack dream this morning. it started off with me talking to patrick bolton (i think it was patrick bolton but it was definitely another patrick) and somehow he mentioned that billion lost souls were behind this door. for some reason, he opens it and all the souls try to escape and we’re there trying to stop them but we fail. the apocalypse has started and the world is doomed. then BAM. it’s raining. i’m crawling in a minefield with a whole bunch of other people trying to avoid detection from guards nearby. however, one notices me. he puts a gun to my throat. i’m scared shitless. he shoots me and i feel like i’m zooming by at light speed. i think i end up at heaven in front of an old man. he tells me that my job will be to do good deeds from now on. i get put into an office, as if heaven’s an office, and i’m given a bunch of tasks to do. it feels like work. i switch back and forth between the physical and the spiritual. the freaky thing is that it felt like it too. the spiritual felt really “fuzzy” while the physical felt normal. the weird thing was that i would wake up everyday and think “oh, i’ve got to go to heaven,” get ready, and then end up in heaven. we were given seminars on office rules and such. then i woke up in a cold sweat with the gray rain outside.

how fucked up is that?


2 Responses to so i had this really

  1. NemoD says:

    now that is a fucked up dream … in fact i dont think i’ve ever heard of anything that messed up … i mean i’ve died in dreams before but doing office work in heaven? now that’s pure patrick!

  2. doug says:

    actually, it’s very reminiscent of “Defending Your Life” in which after dying, one goes to a corporate heaven where you attempt to defend your actions and a panel judges you to determine whether or not you get to stay. So I imagine Patrick’s “Heaven” is just a seperate division of the same corporation. Maybe it’s just the lack of religious background but I’ve, for the most part, always imagined Heaven as partly this way, with God constantly on vacation in the Bahamas or something, on some beach sipping a good martini with a cellphone by his side for any real problems that arise.

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