six pages into my twelve

six pages into my twelve page term paper that’s due on thurs. that’s good progress. so i’m lurking through and i come across this column. i read it and think “right on! fuck the police! screw your parents!” then i realized that my dad reads this blog. oh well.

i also read this article about dave attell who does that “insomniac” show on comedy central and i thought “yes, all i want to do in life is drink, stay up late, visit bars and people who work the graveyard shift.” if you watch the show, you’ll see the allure of it all. my dad’s freaking out i bet. neat.


4 Responses to six pages into my twelve

  1. Yum says:

    Bet your dad supplies you with the pics too doesn’t he.

  2. harold says:

    i wish dad would comment on here and tell you what a bad son you are

  3. NemoD says:

    hahaha … parents are only good for two things … money and not being around.

  4. Li says:

    So Pat, do you sleep over at your boyfriend’s place when you are visiting too?

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