i was working on

strawberries are shaped like...

i was working on my term paper (due thurs, haven’t started) when i realized i had to put up a fruit picture. fruit wins…ALWAYS. enjoy.

i had a good thanksgiving break. how about y’all?


7 Responses to i was working on

  1. NemoD says:

    i got one due tuesday, but then again i am also looking at fruit.

  2. Yum says:

    Had a pretty good thanksgiving. But nobody ate food like the two girls in your pic. Does anyone really eat like that or just models?

  3. nancy says:

    it almost looks like a really red tongue

  4. harold says:

    whoa! the picture didn’t load all the way…and i thought i was looking at…wow…nice very nice…

  5. NemoD says:

    hahaha she’s right … it does look like a red tongue … what can i say, the chicks got an eye for lesbian action, no?

  6. patrick says:

    yum: i think only models eat like that. though i wouldn’t mind if more hot women started eating like that…mmm…nemo: yes, nancy’s a lesbian.

  7. syd says:

    i wandered onto your site from a link off harold’s blog … but holy shit!!! so much softcore porn everywhere!!! ack!! i can’t read the text because the pictures are blinding me … and happy birthday

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