enjoy. another one from

enjoy. another one from li. yes, i’m too lazy to look up pictures of attractive women with fruit on my own. would you rather have random girl on girl action?


5 Responses to enjoy. another one from

  1. doug says:

    i think the fruit is a nice departure from the usual filth displayed all over the internet. we can all find lesbians. but fruit in a soft-core format? keep up the good work. this one has nice nails.

  2. NemoD says:

    i’m sure nancy will enjoy those melons … hahaha

  3. harold says:

    oranges? what oranges…all i see are two very large….drool….oh THOSE oranges!

  4. patrick says:

    oh yeah, she has nice nails. not like that horrid picture bill put up on his site (shudders).

  5. Yum says:

    LOL…horrid like a car wreck you gotta watch as you drive by right? haha.

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