halloween. went to see the

halloween. went to see the strokes in sf. crowd was rough but fun. people should take off their afro wigs, it gets in everyone’s way. white people sweat like mad and smell bad too. thought about going to castro but it was late, i was tired, and we had no idea where it was exactly. bart is really really fucking crowded on halloween. i think my spleen is bruised. there was this white guy, asian chick couple next to me (well, i had my elbow jammed in their side too) and they were fucking making out on the bart ride back. what the fuck. get a room. ugh.

me and neama came up with a great costume idea. priest and altar boy. perfect.


3 Responses to halloween. went to see the

  1. kevin says:

    haha. i call arch-cardinal.

  2. NemoD says:

    so will you be looking the other way while i feel up the altar boy?

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