fireloong: i was invited to

fireloong: i was invited to a party last night out on the middle of the street…almost went…then decided not to
FootPrintX: oh?
FootPrintX: any particular reason?
fireloong: it was far
fireloong: the party was with people 1) i didn’t know 2) i didn’t care for
FootPrintX: suck.
fireloong: oh well
fireloong: yeah
fireloong: that chick dawn was hosting it
FootPrintX: Nice.
FootPrintX: did she have a stripper pole?
fireloong: uh
fireloong: WTF
fireloong: what kind of question is that?
FootPrintX: i guess that’s a no.
FootPrintX: shame.

anyone have a stripper pole?


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