so i wake up at

so i wake up at 9:30. i’m all groggy and shit because i went to sleep at 4. i take a shower, eat breakfast, and check up on the news. i head out for my first class, get there at 10, then i open the door. there’s ONE PERSON in the 200+ seat lecture hall. she’s staring back at me like i’m crazy. i look back at my watch and think “oh yeah, my class is at 11.”

this whole not missing class routine is messing me up.

One Response to so i wake up at

  1. NemoD says:

    was she hot? cause if she was you could have reinacted a scene from a porno … you know, you walk into the class and say “excuse me ma’am do you need a hand with that?” and then you … um … you get the picture

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