the following conversation was edited

the following conversation was edited so that no one would randomly IM the people mentioned. except jon. because i want the gay truckers who visit this site to IM him.

madpeirrot (12:27:18 AM): why do i have gene kelly dvds
me (12:27:23 AM): um
me (12:27:26 AM): cause you’re gay?
madpeirrot (12:28:05 AM): yeah, must be
madpeirrot (12:28:06 AM): damnit
me (12:28:20 AM): that’s why you have the lube
me (12:28:21 AM): for gay loving
madpeirrot (12:28:22 AM): i’ll bet women find it endearing
madpeirrot (12:28:31 AM): yeah, they find the lube endearing too
me (12:28:56 AM): endearing = gay
madpeirrot (12:29:13 AM): maybe i just like anal with women

me (12:29:28 AM): true
me (12:29:33 AM): as if you get the chance…
madpeirrot (12:30:16 AM): yeah, damnit
madpeirrot (12:30:44 AM):

madpeirrot (12:30:18 AM): what do you think of guys who like gene kelly
tracy (12:30:27 AM): gay?

me (12:30:57 AM): told ya
madpeirrot (12:32:27 AM): yeah, damnit
me (12:34:32 AM):

me (12:31:14 AM): what do you think of guys who like gene kelly?
kim (12:33:24 AM): “like” in what sense
me (12:33:41 AM): like have dvds of him
kim (12:34:11 AM): i guess it could be cool
kim (12:34:15 AM): but gay at the same time

madpeirrot (12:35:03 AM): haha
madpeirrot (12:35:04 AM): awesome
madpeirrot (12:35:07 AM): i am a fag


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