maybe this is why avoid

maybe this is why avoid soda hall as much as possible. those wacky eecs people.

(nancy): omg
(nancy): this was on our newsgroup
(nancy): in fact, it was the first posting:
(nancy): Currently the cs 164 final is set for some time on dec. 18th,
however . . . the second movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy (the two
towers) will be released at midnight on dec. 18th, this is not good.

Is it possible that the cs 164 final be moved to an earlier date so that
all may attend the wonderful midnight screening in peace and not have to
be stressed out about their cs 164 final in a few hours?

(i’m not really serious, but it would be cool if this could happen)

(nancy): and here’s fateman’s (cs164 prof) reply:
Wednesday 12/18/02 12:30-3:30pm is the day/time of the CS164 final.

If you attended the midnight show and got home at (say) 3AM, you
and your furry-footed friends could still get a good night’s sleep
before the exam.

Or if this is still inconvenient,
maybe you could contact Warner Brothers and ask them to change the
release date.



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