i signed up for another

i signed up for another class last night. 20 units. thinking of double majoring in cogsci & math. ling minor? maybe. paranoid response to the worries of my parents and myself. realized “whoa, in two years, i have to deal with the future.” deep down, i know it’s not true…people spend a few years figuring out what they want to do after college but it’s still scary. on one hand, i want to study my ass off (probably at the expense of a more fulfilling social life) which will lead to a reasonable career so that i won’t have to worry. on the other hand, i just want to go with whatever i had planned before, live life (party hard!), and then figure out something from there. that means poverty for a while. (sighs)

some tell me to do whatever you enjoy and figure out something from there. others (like my parents) tell me to do something that makes ends meet (even if it’s something that you’re not complete into) because life is more about security and comfort. gah. i guess the answer is to find a nice mix.

i think that since my parents have never heard of cognitive science (they’d rather have me be an english major), it scares them. they can’t tell their friends what i’m studying. perhaps i should tell them that i’m pursuing how to computationally model a human brain. maybe.

i wouldn’t have to worry about all this if i actually did look like Brad Pitt.

numbing oneself with apathy just to get through the workday is detrimental to the creative soul. – akuma from GR forums


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