what’s that one asian hairstyle

what’s that one asian hairstyle where the bangs are grown out really long but everything underneath is shaved? some unknown force inside of me wants to kick every guy’s ass who has that hairstyle.


2 Responses to what’s that one asian hairstyle

  1. karlha says:

    i love asian hairstyle probaley because i am an Asian.

    but girls hair has to be thin to look good but all asian girls has thin hair so is a bummer.

    over all asian hairstyel rules




  2. st says:

    i used to have that, and everyone thought it was cool. got bored of it tho, now am back to spiked… oh and yeah, your right. also my uncle wanted to kick my ass for that hair style LOL… it has a gang-nish look thats why.

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