why haven’t i updated? cause

why haven’t i updated? cause it’s been boring. i don’t go out to because i’m poor. so i stay inside. not much happens inside except for tv and the internet. whoo. tomorrow is harold’s birthday. so if you see him, kick him in the nuts for me. not much else i can say right now except i learned a new word…”veridical.” it means genuine.

here’s some AIM banter that’s only funny to me:
O Kay Prime (07:08:53 PM): bastard ass fuck faces
fireloong (07:09:14 PM): bastard ass jello eating lemon wedge in my brain faces
fireloong (07:09:44 PM): OOH
fireloong (07:09:46 PM): the women of iceland
O Kay Prime (07:09:52 PM): where where?

miStReSS maHn 3 (01:40:08 AM): asian dudes dont all have small penises
miStReSS maHn 3 (01:40:11 AM): ther eare exceptions
miStReSS maHn 3 (01:40:17 AM): whots considered small actually
Fireloong (01:40:20 AM): THANKS
Fireloong (01:40:24 AM): exceptions…eesh
miStReSS maHn 3 (01:40:26 AM): is 7 in ?
miStReSS maHn 3 (01:40:29 AM): small
Fireloong (01:40:31 AM): fuck

FootPrintX (12:48:56 PM): i like the word “effluvia”
fireloong (12:49:01 PM): what does it mean?
FootPrintX (12:49:21 PM): an invisible emanation, a by-product in the form of waste.
FootPrintX (12:49:28 PM): the leftovers.
fireloong (12:49:55 PM): what a pretty synonym for crap


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