things that have been going

things that have been going on:
1) i’m starting to remember my dreams now. well, it’s more like i’m starting to wake up with a vague feeling that i dreamt. i used to wake up and feel as if i had entered darkness and then woken up. i think this is a by product of me making a conscious effort to join humanity again.
2) my AIM conversations are getting weirder and weirder. here’s a sample:

fireloong (01:38:48 AM): clit = hamster?
FootPrintX (01:39:20 AM): whoa, weird hamster nexus in my AIM conversations.
fireloong (01:39:25 AM): ?
FootPrintX (01:39:27 AM): i said “clit = hamster”
FootPrintX (01:39:36 AM): in that it moves around and is hard to find.
FootPrintX (01:39:47 AM): and then Lisa said, “Ed got a hamster”
fireloong (01:40:01 AM):
FootPrintX (01:40:03 AM): and then Cindy said “brb – gonna go brush my teeth” but two out of three is still pretty good.

odd eh?
3) is there an AIM Anonymous? no, really.
4) i need to talk to more people. especially cute girls. my social life is dwindling. i fear that if i don’t use my mouth more often, it’ll close up from lack of use.
5) next volume of DK2 comes out on the 31st. yay.
6) oh shit. it was my mom’s birthday yesterday and i forgot to call. DUMBASS.
7) need to readjust my sleeping habits so i don’t fall asleep in cogsci lecture. anyone have tips?
8) i am BATMAN.


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