before after so yeah.

the mess

so yeah. it’s been a long weekend. so i come back home on friday because we’re hosting a dinner party with some old floormates. nancy’s boiling a pot of oil so she can cook some matza balls. the lid is on the pot. something tells me something’s not right. i’m asked to check the pot. i open the lid and WHOOSH. fire! me, aaron, and nancy freak. the smart thing would have been to put the lid back on or pour baking soda. but no, we were panicking and thus being stupid. the fire alarm goes off. ah! we run outside and find a fire extinguisher. aaron breaks the glass with his hand (not the smartest thing to do…sense a theme?). i use up the fire extinguisher. no good. keeps coming back! the apartment is smoky and filled with dry chem. eventually the fire dept. comes and puts the lid back on the pot. DUH. the apartment is a complete mess. dry chem is everywhere. we’ve been told not to sleep there for the night cause of the fine particles. we’re hungry. but it wasn’t all that bad. we got to meet our neighbors in apartment F. they’re cool guys. me and aaron have dinner with them at viceroy’s down the street. it’s good (but a tad expensive). take aaron to the ER in Richmond afterwards…wait there for 2 hours and eventually leave cause his injuries are minor compared to the 3 stab wound victims that came in after us. that’s Richmond for you. we go back, kick it in apartment F for a while. i have a beer. i still don’t like beer. bleh. we go to nancy’s apartment and drink our sorrws away. well, i just got buzzed. but we needed it.

the next day…cleaning galore! me, aaron, and nancy clean from 2pm to 2am and stop only twice to have a drink and eat dinner. EVERYTHING HAD TO BE WIPED DOWN. including the fucking ceiling. one hell of a weekend. on the plus side, our apartment is really looking good.


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