kicking back with a juice

kicking back with a juice squeeze and listening to the queens of the stone age album. i love this album. it’d be better if i was drinking alcohol instead but i’ll settle for the juice squeeze. this will be a primarily random update so bear with me.

ode to burger king: so i’m gone from berkeley for a month and they close down the burger king on university. wtf. man, i have so many fond memories of that place, even though i’ve lived in my apartment for a year. 99 cent whoppers after 8pm (i’d hold out eating dinner until 8 so i could get them). double cheeseburgers for 99 cents or a regular cheeseburger for 49 cents. drinking an orange juice and apple juice while watching the rain. this was to relieve a hangover from a party the previous night at tracy’s. i felt queesy for a good portion of the day. i’m sorry that burger king has to go. you will be missed by all (or just me). i hope they put a jack in a box there or an in-n-out. that’d rock.

neama’s hair: neama cut his hair. to people who know neama, this is fucking amazing. before and after. you be the judge. i think it’s better shorter.

the game: i’d like to get back into the game. anyone have pointers? it seems like everyone i know is already retiring while i’m try to get at bat. help.


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