so much to say. but

so much to say. but i’m not planning on saying much. it’s been about a week since i’ve touched a computer so this feels weird. i’m also really really really tired. going from seattle to berkeley in 13 hours straight does that to you. that was one hell of a roadtrip. i laughed my ass off, stared at sights so wonderful that i lost my breath, contemplated life in general, and discovered a few things about myself. for one thing, my eyes are really messed up. sorry doug and ian that i didn’t drive as much as i should have. i’d like to think i made up for it with my random banter. anyway, i didn’t get a picture of a sea lion orgy (saw one in SF off Pier 13 but i think there are always sea lions doing it there) but i got pictures of a whole lot of other things and didn’t get pictures of a lot of other things. the camera can only capture so much.

highlights (in no particular order):
1. the rainbow that greeted us when we finally arrived in seattle. it was huge.
2. the speeding ticket doug right outside of seattle cause he was going 75 in a 60 zone.
3. sleeping in the van. BAD IDEA.
4. jeep chick. french chick. all the really hot chicks in victoria.
5. watching the sunset at gasworks park in seattle. the sun bounced right off the buildings downtown and created a path of light right on the water. beautiful. awe inspiring.
6. kicking it with doug and ian on top of grouse mountain in vancouver with a few beers. go canada and its legal drinking age.
7. the vancouver aquarium in stanley park. animals rule us all.
8. bc ferries. long ass waits. but worth it.
9. country cottage somewhere in the middle of oregon. we called it “satan’s cottage.” it was creepy. like a white person’s grandma’s house on crack. everyone was 3x our age. except for the immensely fat dude wearing the sleeveless shirt. (shudders). afterwards, proceeded to the outlet mall across the freeway. i never knew a banana republic store would feel so good.
10. chasing the moon along the way to berkeley.
11. my random comments.
after the speeding ticket, i saw a cute little dog in the back of a truck and thought…
“i bet if we had a cute little dog, we wouldn’t have gotten pulled over.”

when sheena told us that she didn’t know if it was alright for any of us to sleep in her roommate’s bed
“we won’t do anything in her bed.”

walking back from gasworks and we were randomly discussing the term “third leg”
“i think i heard it on KROQ once when they were talking about what if charlize theron posed in playboy or something…”
“yeah, i’d be like ‘whoa! i’ve grown a third leg!…(pause)…and a fourth!”….(pause then me, doug, and ian start rolling on the ground, laughing our asses off, losing our breaths while sheena is off wondering what the hell we are laughing about…)

my new moneymaking scheme…
“hey, they should put strip clubs along the I5 for truck drivers and people like us who need some distractions…”
12. the nasty ass shit we smuggled back from a canadian liquor store called Vex cause Smirnoff Ice was all sold out. we were suckers for thinking “hey, this stuff is only 50 cents more but you get two more bottles.” what the hell is Vex? stupid Canadian alcohol.
13. my inability to drive on city streets.
14. douglas coupland’s book City of Glass. wonderful guide to vancouver.

there’s more but i really can’t remember. sort of a shame really but it also makes the entire experience wonderful in a way…


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