why am i happy? because

why am i happy? because i’m listening to a pre-release of the new queens of the stone age album – songs for the deaf. i know most of you have never heard of them but they rule. and dave grohl drums on the album. damn straight.

looking at the people around my age, i’m thinking “man, we’re all horny as fuck.” and if someone says something to the contrary, they’re lying. the problem is that most of us can’t fulfill those desires. so we end up doing other things to distract us. like studying like madmen or working our asses off. sometimes there are substitutes like video games. but those are quite temporary. some decide that those are perfect substitutes. they’re definitely easier. others get some and it becomes an addiction. like drugs and alcohol. the distractions become irrelevant. where am i going with this? i dunno (applies to 99% of this blog).

this album kicks ass. i think i’m in love.


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