stuffed with good chinese food

stuffed with good chinese food that i didn’t have to pay for. that’s always a plus–being fed that is. drove around riverside with harold looking for something remotely interesting. found nothing…as usual. there were several cute chicks at the boba place (i don’t drink boba though). but i had no chance with any of them because of my free AMD t-shirt. that and other things.

went to walmart. it’s like white trash galore over there. it feels so creepy over there.

i took pictures of fruit but that update will have to wait.

i spent a good chunk of today absorbing random, useless info about celebrities. today it was winona ryder, al pacino, robin williams, the olsen twins, and various child actors. did you know that al pacino was considered for the role of han solo? i tried contemplating a parallel universe where al pacino was han solo. would star wars have been a flop? alternate realities are always fun to contemplate. stuff like “what if kurt cobain hadn’t committed suicide? would grunge have lived longer? what sort of songs would he have written?” or “what if macs dominated the pc market? would i have a better job? would we have mac os XXX?” weird shit like that goes through my head all the time. but i don’t contemplate starting a cult like harold. that’s weird.

if i could, i would major in pop culture. really.


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